Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Marriage Proposal on the Trail!

It was an exciting day for the dogsledding teams and all of us at Husky Power... not to mention a very surprised young gal. Her boyfriend set up this neat way to propose well ahead of their weekend at Deep Creek... then while here pretended to find out about dogsledding tours and called us up for a "last-minute reservation."

But we knew and we had a PLAN! The Bride-to-be, Kim, had no clue what was coming!

The Groom-to-be, Shawn S. of Towson, MD sneakily passed me the beautiful engagement ring while they were enjoying their first hour of entertaining mushing education. Then out on the gorgeous, snowy white trails they learned to mush the team by themselves.

But alas! I "dropped my radio back on the trail" and had to leave them alone with the team while I walked back to get it. I asked Shawn to stand on the sled brake (it was tied off to a tree too) and asked Kim to go up to the lead dogs to keep them quiet for a few minutes while I was gone.

When she was up there, Kim found the ring box attached to Leader Zsa Zsa's (also known as "Sam"... get it?) collar...

She was awestruck. And likely confused. And surprised. And it is quite difficult to surprise a smart woman! Shawn then went up and kneeled and asked for her hand in marriage. To be witnessed by 12 beautiful sleddogs woofing and wooing! And me too... for I snuck back around through the woods to take pictures... pleased to find Shawn actually kneeling in front of a shocked Kim.

And by the way, she did say YES!

Which is a good thing... for later on down another trail, after the fuss and congrats, we surprised both of them with a big sign blocking a beautiful trail we call "Christmas Tree Trail." The sign was a Congrats to Kim and Shawn... which they took home in memory.

I had a scare... I was filming on video our ride to the arrival at the sign... which means driving a 12-dog team with one hand... squirrley to say the least-- and barely stopped them before they barged right through the painted bed sheet!

A day to remember for us all. Congratulations Kim and Shawn!
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  1. que locura el frio que hace loco
    yo aca estoy en cueros ju ju por el calor 40°

  2. HI!

    I was with you guys yersterday! (Girlscout,Leader Rachel Peters)

    I really enjoyed the tour and the place!!!
    Especially the puppies and the dogyard!!
    But it is too bad we couldn't go sledding.......
    Anyway I told my family about the place, they were so interested!!
    They said that maybe we'll visit sometime!

    Also please check my blog



  3. One more thing, I think you should name the black one, Zinc! It sounds cute,short, plus it tells that girls aren't sissies!!

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