Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Blog!! Welcome!! (Ummm, what's a blog?)

We're finally gaining entry to the blog world! There's been lots of inquiries as to whether Husky Power Dogsledding has a blog. As in, ahem, the simple: "Do you have a blog?" Our repeat answer has always been: "Ahhh, What's a Blog? Oh yeah... I mean... Oh no. We don't have THAT!"

And that is, until now. Welcome to our blog and we promise to keep it up-to-date and interesting and fun. At least to mushers and dog lovers and dogsledding fools that it.

I figure we'll blog no less than once per week... and more likely every two days. There is just THAT much fun stuff happening here. For those that like to hear of the tours, the peoples, the dogs, the "drive bys," the trails and the goods with the bads... this is the spot. We have tours scheduled at least five days per week until May... which means there will be at least 2,016 amazing stories every week. Oh dear, how will we decide what to tell?

For right now I'll just report that our trail conditions are awesome... lots of snow and cold. Being in Western MD we just never know. So far this winter we've had about 36 inches of snow. Big spurts, then warmth and rain, then bitter cold and ice, then more snow and then sleet and then... well, you understand. The cold spell the whole eastern US has been experiencing is about over. And we are running dogs every day but Tues and Thurs. Preparing for a fun, albeit short, race too! On Jan 30 at Nemacolin resort in PA. Our handler Shaina will run a 3-dog team, and I, Linda, will run a 4-dog team. Can't wait! Stay posted!

Had a slumber party last night... Zsa Zsa and the girls (Thunder and Jag) snuggled up and took all the room.

On this happy note... please visit often and comment.


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  1. Linda, Check your site often and will enjoy your blogs. Something else to do when you have so much down time already, right :-)

    Please tell the Colonel hello and all the best.

    Tom Hornstein
    Pekin, IL